Shot in a folly temple in England this work takes its title from the myth of Danäe who was imprisoned by her father to prevent her begetting a son. Zeus, undeterred, sought her out in the form of a golden rain. The myth makes an interesting psychological connection between ecstatic sexual pleasure and the weather, a symbol for the physical experience of the external world. The inversion, of the weather inside and the illicit nature of the encounter make this a beautiful tale of eroticism and the imagination. Liane Lang's video dates from 2008. A sculpture rests in a Gothic window, with a sweeping view outside. Filmed in stop frame over several days, the weather changes dramatically from sunshine and rain to snow. In the distance a tall obelisk looms, an eloquent feature in the pastural landscape.







Art London, 2012, plaster, velvet, video, 50 x 30cm