Adolph Menzel's famous painting Atelierwand, 1872 shows plaster casts of faces and hands, legs and torsos, tools and other peraphernalia specific to his studio. The painting cristallises his interest in the fragmentation of the body and the attention focussed on the tools and space of the artist. I have owned a post card of this image for years. It suddenly came into focus one day when I examined my studio and realised that it is also full of casts, which are just tools for making images. And like Menzel's casts, mine are of friends and acqaintances and have very quickly become a kind of memorial. Studio peregrination is an animation taking in the temporary and transient studio.

Studio Walls        2012

by Liane Lang



Studio Peregrination, HD video projection, 2012

Atelierwand (after Adolph Menzel)                                                                                                                                                

installation studio

mixed media installation 2012

Latex, clay, plaster and polymer