Nature didn’t care, so I left.

DVD projection, 3 minutes, sound, Ernst and Young Collection

The piece is made with a salt crystal garden solution and filmed time-lapse over 12 hours, compressed into 3 minutes. The model originates from a kit and represents an oriental style paradise landscape. A blue mountain sits in between two cherry trees that blossom and dissolve.
Like the mythical Schlaraffenland (the land of milk and honey), this Utopia is unwholesome and has no substance. It is fragile, floating and life could not exist there. It’s promise dissolves with the blossom. The fakeness of the model is gently superseded by the fascination of the real event, the chemical reaction, the textures and the movement of the clouds. As a brief vision of heavenly paradise it’s unconvincing, badly defined at the edges - a poxy yet magical absurdity.