Shadows and Stowaways

"50 yards away from V22 if you can fly (200 yards if you can’t) is the shipping container which forms Squid & Tabernacle’s mobile exhibition unit. Young artist Liane Lang, best known for sneaking wax limbs into classical or communist groups of statues, plays off the shipping connotations and the regenerating dereliction surrounding the container in an uncanny five minute film sequence which is projected against a sculptural screen resembling stacked containers. Roll up to see a wax woman in action, a toy boat tossed on a sea of hair, a stray hand inhabiting a shell as if it were a hermit crab - from Dora Maar's famous photograph which I like so much that's my illustration. Lang gives us a somewhat surreal sequence, readable I think as an account of the trials of immigration - which fits with Maar's being a Croatian raised in Argentina who became famous in France. You’ll want to watch twice."

Paul Carey-Kent Paul’s Art World Saatchi Online

A site-specific installation in a shipping container in Dalston, July 2010, Shadows was curated by Hanna Sorrell and George Major of Squid&Tabernacle